Prenatal Tips

Check with your caregiver before beginning any exercise program

Exercise during pregnancy can help to alleviate low back pain, reduce swelling, shorten labour, boost mood, improve sleep, and helps you get into shape faster after pregnancy

  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep cardiovascular exercises low impact unless cleared by your caregiver
  • Focus on good posture
  • Modify your abdominal exercises – avoid crunches and side raises to prevent diastasis recti
  • Maintain your level of activity – try not to increase it
  • Kegels daily
  • Listen to your body
  • After week 16, avoid exercises on your back or on your stomach
  • Stop exercising and check with your doctor if you experience bleeding, cramping, pain or dizziness
  • Avoid being overheated
  • Eat as healthy as possibly
  • Wear a bra that fits and supports you well

Postnatal Tips

  • Stay hydrated
  • Baby steps! It takes time to allow our bodies to recover – take it slow and ease into exercise intensity
  • Find time to go for short walks or some sort of movement daily (it could be one set of squats with baby)
  • Find stroller groups, play groups, mom groups or online networks
  • Incorporate your baby into your workout – stroller walks or jogs, strength workouts
  • Kegels daily
  • Eat plenty of veggies and fruits
  • Avoid sugar
  • Take a few moments each day for yourself
  • Sleep when baby sleeps
  • When family and friends offer help, say yes!
  • Seek help if the baby blues set in
  • Make your health a priority. A healthy mom is a happy mom and has more energy to care for her baby!